THE FUTURE...Save & Retire

Can you ever afford to retire?

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, out of 100 people that start working at age 25, by age 65………

  • 1% are wealthy
  • 4% have enough money to retire
  • 3% are still working (cannot afford to quit)
  • 63% depend on state pensions, Social Security, friends or charity
  • 29% are dead
  • 95% are either dead or retire in poverty after working for 40 years

And these are statistics for America, imagine what the statistics are for other first world countries and worse still, the less advantaged countries.

  • Pension funds are decreasing.
  • The world's stock markets are struggling.
  • People are being replaced by technology.
  • Major companies are merging and streamlining, downsizing and outsourcing.

However, it is not all bad news! Here’s some good news! It is already happening, a whole new class of people who have achieved financial security. These people are the new entrepreneurs, setting their own hours and working this business……..and the best part, of course……..loving their freedom.

We sincerely hope you will be one of them.
It is time for you to be your own boss and control your own DESTINY.

Take the next step

Life is not a dress rehearsal. The freedom to choose is a gift you are born with.

We look forward to speaking to you very soon.



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