Regardless of your Background, YOU too can do this………we have!
We just knew somehow "There had to be a simpler, better way…"

Although taking the plunge has affected many of us in such positive ways, we all agree that the most treasured and valued reward is not just our incredible pay cheques. (Although they are great, make no mistake!)
But working for yourself enables us to enjoy more time with our families. No more do we spend our precious hours fighting traffic and then all day cooped up in an office building making someone else rich. You have to agree, it does sound magic!


Nico & Annalie van Staden.
We live and work on the subtropical South African east coast, 3 minutes from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Nico had a career in the computer industry for 18 years. This meant huge challenges and satisfaction, but also long hours away from home. This was brought to breaking point during multiple company mergers, when 25 top engineers were retrenched around him. Annalie comes from a financial background but never experienced the growth and freedom she could have from working at home. We worked 18 years in our previous careers to earn R30 000 per month, while with this new company we surpassed that within 3 years. We also created business investments worth more than R2.0 million. By now we have travelled abroad several times, and we can clearly see the road to financial independence! We look forward to sharing our success and show you how.


Andrew & Debbie Rich-Schulze 
We started initially very part-time earning R10,000 extra a month and this doubled and doubled again and then last month we earned an incredible R120,000. All we do is copy what successful people tell us to do. You can too! No more working to make your Boss or Corporation rich. We now have a lifestyle only dreamed of by most people. It is incredible to know that a former Beauty Therapist and an ex-musician/sailor, ordinary people, can be given the chance to do extraordinary things.

Iloma Pattinson
I was a housewife and mother and my husband, Terry was a shareholder in a very lucrative construction company but the stress of running such a large company had made its mark. We tried numerous times to set up our own business. None of them were ever very successful and in the end, we lost all we had (cars, home and actually everything we owned,) in a disastrous hydroponics farming venture. Then we heard of this opportunity! In our first month, we made R2,094.19 and by the sixth month made R13,400 part-time. After 15 years, I now gross R1.2million annually and have financial freedom.


Mark and Jenny von Senger
"After farming for 15 years we sold our hot house cucumber farm & bought a business that lost us everything. Did not help that the ‘books’ were crooked! So, in our fifties, we were broke without a pension. Not a nice feeling! We joined this company and decided to ‘do whatever it takes'.
In our first two weeks, we made R1500 profit.  We were very excited and became very teachable.  Our next cheque was for R3188 and then it jumped to R37,000 and doubled again after a few months. It was not long before we were earning a years income in one month and could pursue our passion of skiing.  This is the life!"

Elizabeth Lekganyane
My life changed from a housewife and a mother to an international business woman through this wonderful business. My first cheque was R490 / US$80.  My daughters  joined me in the business and  my income rose to R17,000 / US$2,500 per month.  Then, with more focus and implementing the training, the last few months my monthly income has been over R120,000. I feel truly blessed.  It is so wonderful seeing many people growing their own businesses and their lives changing for the better. 

Rob & Pat Taylor
"I used to work as a Senior Manager for a large Utility, supposedly earning a good salary, but after 25 years I actually had nothing to show for it. Our large home belonged to the company and so did our flashy car. I was then very suddenly "forced" into an early retirement situation. Finding other employment was virtually impossible at my age. Then one day out of the blue this same fantastic opportunity came my way. I now work the business together with my wife Patricia. She is now an International business woman earning her own money. Last month we earned R26,000 while travelling the world and experiencing life to the the fullest.

Sipho and Alice Mohaule
I was a second hand car salesman and my wife was working as a clerk in alaboratory with a salary of less than R2,000 monthly.  When  sales were slow, I  started Herbalife ‘part-time’  to supplement my income.  This bought in between R3,000 and R6,000 extra a month.  
Then I began to realise the full potential of the Marketing plan and decided to go FULL TIME and really focused on building my business as shown to me by the  successful people. My income doubled and then doubled again. 
My wife and myself travel the world and enjoy life to the full and last month I earned over R100,000.00.

You might be asking yourself, "But, can I really succeed at this? I have no special skills?" Neither did we. We were just extremely teachable, had the desire and copied people who were already successful. You can, too!


Tony & Merl Lau
Tony was a chef in a family business, and Merl spent most of her career in the corporate world in the IT Retail Industry. We joined this company as a way of covering our house bond payment of R5,000 each month. This we did and then after a couple of years my part-time income exceeded my corporate income of 20 years so decided to go full-time. Last month we earned R50,000 - unbelievable! We have had the opportunity to travel the world extensively with 3 fully paid holidays to exotic destinations including the Bahamas. We love what we do.


Nico & Annalie van Staden
We live and work on the subtropical South African east coast, 3 minutes from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Nico had a career in the computer industry for 18 years. This meant huge challenges and satisfaction, but also long hours away from home. Annalie comes from a financial background  but never experienced a level playing field.
We worked 18 years in our previous careers to earn R30 000 per month, while with this opportunity we surpassed that within 3 years. We also created business investments worth more than R2.4 million. By now we have travelled abroad 6+ times, and are well on our way to financial independence!


Paddy & Louise McBride
Louise and I both ran our own businesses and had been unable to have a holiday for over six years. In these last years with this incredible business, the lifestyle change has been incredible.
The very first training, we saw the difference and starting working smart as taught! Trips to the U.K, Spain, Italy, & the U.S.A. plus two cruises on the East Coast of Africa with our two boys followed . 
The business has taught us strong entrepreneurial skills which we have passed onto our sons.  And it is such comfort to  know I can make an extra R2000—R3000 in less than a few hours when ever I choose…. while building for the future.

Ina Marais
Previously I was working as a Systems Engineer in the IT Industry. I loved my career of the last 15 years although it meant long hours away from my family. I started this business very part time & when I saw the BIG picture, went full-time. My business has grown considerably and the financial rewards mean my life has changed a lot. I now earn comfortably +R35,000 a month. I work around my family while helping other people to achieve their dreams. I have been overseas six times with the company, on a fully paid cruise and look forward to my future, where dreams really do come true.

Deryck and Laurette Boliter.
We spent most of our lives in the corporate world (36 years in total) as a Civil Engineer and Fashion Designer respectively, earning other people money and living their dreams. For years we searched for a business that we could grow for ourselves, but because of the finance required and the risk involved, we never got anything off the ground. This business changed our lives forever. In our first month part-time, we made a profit of R2500. The support systems and training available have helped us to now earn in excess of R30,000 per month. It's been a dream come true for our family and ourselves. We now work at home around our children and enjoy a unique quality of life.

Martyn and Karen Farmer (UK)
work from their beautiful, converted farmhouse in the Lake District, England. Karen says 'I had just sold my interest in a successful HOTEL business and started OUTSIDE CATERING from home. It was seasonal, demanding, and insufficiently profitable. Then, Martyn came home with this opportunity.' He continues, 'I had worked 20 years in the MOTOR INDUSTRY and felt I had very little to show for it. I dreaded the thought of another 20 years of the same. This was just the challenge I was looking for. We now work together, have the most exciting lifestyle and earn over £400,000 per year.

Chris and Jean Thompson
Chris and Jean were riding high. They co-owned a very profitable chain of large Health and Fitness Centres that had been part of a successful stock exchange listing, and were having the time of their lives. They heard about the programme and were intrigued. After discussing the principles behind the business system they decided to join. What appealed to them was the fact that they had very little financial risk with this business, whereas in their other businesses they were involved to the tune of several millions in equipment, premises, overheads, etc. Their financial success has been outstanding and the bonus has been the satisfaction of helping others.


Delia Vernes  
I had been a teacher slaving away for a miserable income for 12 years and although I love teaching I simply could not have supported my family on the salary I was earning. After my 2 kids were born I was broke and did not really want to go back to teaching as I wanted to be around the children more. This was the ideal opportunity. I now earn over R20 000 p.m and I work 5-6 hours a day around my kids. We have been overseas 3 times in the last year twice fully paid for by the company- something that would have been impossible on a teacher's salary.

Lorraine Wright
I was a business Executive employed in the corporate environment and the stress, traffic jams and long hours made me realize that this was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. In my third month I made R10,000 working part-time and could clearly see that this was a great opportunity not to be missed.

Gary & Jennifer de Brabender (Australia)
 Gary was a bar manager & Jennifer did part-time clerical work & house cleaning in Australia before they discovered the opportunity that changed their lives incredibly. Now they drive a Rolls Royce, a BMW convertible, own four homes and a nine-acre estate. ‘Our dream was to build a financial wall of security for our old age, and by working this opportunity, we could retire , right now, and never work again.

Christo, Antoinette, & Chantelle Elaine,Watkins
I sold African Candles but never saw any profit!  Then my husband, Christo was sequestrated and found an IT contract for half the pay. Started part-time and in my first month I made R6000 profit  & then went full-time. Our daughters  - Chantelle & Elaine, saw the potential and were soon earning between R5000 and R7500 pm . With more application, our income went up to R15000 .  We  have moved into a brand new house and have just bought our 2nd car.  Our income  is R25,000 a month and growing. We now have renewed hope and are so happy we never allowed our earlier  setbacks to determine our future.  

Peter and Miki Adcock
We were in the IT and Training industry, but a financial wipe-out in the 90’s, left us with nothing  but our clothes and a caravan to live in and  desperate for solutions.
What a blessing to have found this business model. 
From our business we earn passive income amounting to R50, 000 per month.
There is a Spanish saying that captures the essence of the lifestyle we now live:
“Salud, Dinero y Amor y Tiempo para disfrutarlo” (health, money, and love and the time to enjoy them).

Cala & Gloudine van der Westhuizen  
I am an industrial psychologist and Gloudine a housewife. Before starting our home based business, I used to run 5 offices countrywide. I was overweight, stressed and unhealthy, but most of all, being away from home all the time, I was robbed of precious time with my family. In our first month part time we were able to earn R10 000. The first year we were able to replace my income of R 35 000 per month, which took me 12 years to achieve in the corporate world! This is a dream come true.

The next time you are sitting in heavy traffic or after a bad day at work, thinking “there must be a better way”, we would like you to think about the families, couples, retirees and professionals  mentioned above. Why not join us?

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Earning a high income working for yourself can be done.
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